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Bussines optimization 5.0.

• B2B and B2C strategy • Online marketing and sales strategy development • Creating and managing a team, finding customer needs • E-commerce solution & business realization

Know how

• From own startups to work for one of the biggest companies • In FinTech, TELCO, IT Markets, Gaming & Gambling, E-commerce, Software & Hardware, Marketplace, etc. • On/Off-line channels • Checkout optimization.

Performance solution

• Company strategy map • Business development • Omnichannel implementation • Product development • Marketing strategy • Sales strategy • Support center

Analytical thinking

Ability to solve problems quickly and effectively, goal-oriented whit strong technical background

Solution for Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Business digitization B2B and B2C strategy Online marketing and sales strategy E-commerce solution & business realization

Partnership & investment

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Our Consulting Services

• Product development • Sales channels optimization • Business strategy • Company digitization • Marketing execution •

Target Audience

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Parallel Platforms

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Local Marketing

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Idea Collaboration

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Intellectual Capital

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Envisioned Multimedia

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“Business plan who we created was with less than 1,5% deviation YTD2019.”
Lidia Lalkovska
Online shop owner
“If you created really good products, The Brothers know how to show them to the world, make a lot of sales and have a clear plan and strategy to prepare you for that.”
Michael Martin
Business owner
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